Citizen Profiles - In Memory Of - Page 2
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This page is dedicated to the memory of Maybole residents, former residents and others with a connection to the town.   Click on the names or images to view profiles.  Page 1 Page 2 (In Memory of)

Murray Cook Drew Finlay Jackie Conkie Andy Hill Jimmy Lucas Ken Crawford
George Davidson Meryl Davidson Dr Elizabeth Haggarty Tom Cook Cooper Hay Hugh Mundell
Dr William McLean
Willie Boyce Bill Cuthbert Jim Campbell Dr. William McLean Herbert Kay Jim Mullin
Jim Sym
Nell Sampson William Dunlop Jim Sym Rocky Watson William Kenny William Paterson
Jim Robb Mary McLean
Jim Robb Joyce Glass-Watson Lilian Millar Willie Fielding Mary McLean Jenny Graham
Francis Strachan JP
Norman Simpson W. Alan Benny Harry Anderson Jean McCrindle Frances Strachan JP Betty Kiltie
Robert Meiklejohn William Grant
Robert Meiklejohn Robert Doherty William Grant Robert Malone Dick Goudie Eileen Jackson
Chris Harvey Pat Forrest
Carlo Biagi Chris Harvey Gay Ferguson Pat Forrest Stanley Bone Tom McQuiston
George Murdoch Martin Zagorski Hugh Douglas
George Murdoch Martin Zagorski Johnny Mackie Adam Graham Bunty McNair Hugh Douglas
Donald Henderson
Donald Henderson Agnes Carmichael Ronnie Faulds James Maltman Jean Dunabie Matt Dunnachie

In Memory of Amjid Ismail

William McCulloch Catherine Crosbie Don Raby Amjid Ismail James Hunter Blair Isabella Mullin
Duke McConnell Robert Allanach Sammy Davidson Danny MacNeill John Barr Isa Paterson
Sergeant Alexander McIntyre Andy Crawford
Sgt James Kiltie Tom Proudfoot Alexander McIntyre Hugh McCoid Alexander McCreadie Andy Crawford
Bryce Muir