Baptist Church History
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Church Building History: extract from the book - Maybole, Carrick's Capital by James T. Gray

Chapter 12, page 123.
"In 1914 at a cost of 1,720 the Baptist Church was built in Carrick Street and it is a small rectangular, brick built structure, with a red sandstone front gable and porch with an arched doorway. Like the Episcopal Church it is crammed into a very small site which does nothing to improve its appearance and it would seem building sites were either scarce (or expensive) when these churches were built. It was built, mainly through the efforts of Pastor Ramsay, to replace the former meeting place of the Baptist congregation which was a hall in Abbot Street near the Old Cemetery and which is now used  by the Roman Catholics as a recreation hall."

The following message was received in March 2000 in regard to the first full time pastor of the Baptist Church in Maybole and his family:

".... our Uncle Rev.Donald Simpson now 82 and retired to a London England nursing home. His Father the Rev.David Melville Simpson was invited to be the first full time minister in 1919 to the Baptist Church in Maybole. Arriving in Maybole they found the Manse not ready so found themselves occupying rooms in the house of Thomas Ramsey on Shore Road (the boot maker). David Simpson had three children a daughter- Elizabeth Brotchie Simpson ( my late mother-in-law) and Donald Simpson my wife's Uncle - still alive in England and David Simpson who died in 1952.. They attended the Primary School in army huts - the school itself had been burnt during WW1. They then were to be the first pupils in Carrick Academy which was then built. This is being sent to you to help fill in any "holes" in history. Donald Simpson's e-mail is  although he has much difficulty using the mouse etc., his mind is extremely active" Arthur Thomas

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