September 2000
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Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister

Can I Trust GOD?

If that strikes you as shocking,

be assured, plenty of people ask that question.

Even Christians ask, Does God always answer prayer?

It amounts to the same thing, because they know that Jesus said:

Ask and it will be given to you; Matthew ch.7 v.7

But, God is always true to His word. What He says, He does.

So when Jesus says: ASK, be sure you will be given what you ask.

The question is, What can you ask? Or, What dare you ask?

Well, the answer is - go ahead and try!

At the age of fourteen, I struck a kind of bargain with God.

I said Id go to some evangelistic meetings for a week, if He would cover my homework, which was strictly monitored at school!

For that week I did no homework - God took care of it!

But at the Friday night meeting He said to me: Now open your heart to Jesus and let Him be the Saviour and Lord of your life!

I asked - God answered. He asked - - - I answered,

and have never regretted it in fifty years!


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