April - 2002
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S. Ayrshire                                             Scotland

Rev Richard MARTIN -Minister

Does Prayer Really Work?

Now you'd expect me to say it does, I guess.  And I do say so.  But whilst my own experience is proof enough to me, I know that some people need other encouragement.

Just look at this extract I came across recently 

Women having fertility treatment are twice as likely to become pregnant if people are praying for them to succeed.

Research at Columbia University New York and published in the respected Journal of Reproductive Medicine says so - and it's not even marginal.

219 women undergoing IVF treatment were put into two groups.  Half  were prayed for without them knowing.  Scientist expected prayer to have no effect but over twice as many from the prayed-for group became pregnant (46 per cent compared with 22 per cent).

Similar statistical significance was found in a study of 990 heart patients.   Those with someone praying for them suffered fewer complications.  And another study concluded that those not prayed for 'required ventilators, antibiotics, and diuretics more frequently than patients in the prayed-for group.'

Reading research reports & being impressed (or not) is all very well. 

But personal experience is far more tangible, convincing and valuable.

God Does Answer Prayer.


We Will Willingly Pray For You

 - Wherever You Live & Whatever Your Need.

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Monday, 2 April 2002                                                       Richard Martin

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