April - 2003
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Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister

Extremes Of Contrast


Amongst my daily routines are two that have thrown up startling extremes of contrast over the last two weeks.

            Since a very minor heart attack, a year ago, I have tried to take a brisk daily walk, usually keeping to flat areas near to Maybole – namely, beside the sea at Maidens, Girvan or Ayr.  Another daily routine is to watch the TV evening news – almost as if the world depended on me watching!

            Can you imagine the contrast that has struck me?  For the last two weeks in March we had beautifully sunny days and now that my walks have extended to Culzean Country Park I could not miss the glory of spring flowers and early blossom.  But each evening, as I have turned to the news, it has been to take in yet more friendly fire incidents and bombing and the devastation with numbers killed and injured.

Creation and destruction are thrown side by side in appalling contrast.

            It has occurred to me that this is the kind of distressing juxtaposition which God has seen every day through human history since humanity first sold its soul to evil – since man and woman first kow-towed to Satan in the Garden of Eden thus abominating the prime blooms of that most extravagant country park.

            But, whereas I feel personally weak and vulnerable before the world’s evils thrown into God’s face, as a church we seriously pray about these concerns.  Furthermore, we realise that God has already taken the greatest possible step to redeem a fallen world – a war-torn world – an impoverished, sick and bitter world. 



As it was one man and one woman who first opened the door to all evil, so each woman and each man has to accept God’s salvation in Jesus Christ to restore God’s order to each life and hence to world-wide relationships.

This is what Easter is all about.

This is why Jesus died on Calvary’s cross.

And His resurrection after three days is the first phase of restoration. 

Rev Richard Martin                                                                  Monday, 31 March 2003

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