August 2003
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Harvest Festival


I must be heading into Old Codgerhood!  

You know, that phase where people say,

                                      Things ainít what they used to be!


          Most churchgoers of my age can remember Harvest Festivals when the church was packed to bursting point with everything people grew in their gardens.  The superb smell hit you before you got through the door. 


          Old faithfuls spent hours arranging fruit & vegetables & flowers to maximum impact.  And a local baker made harvest loaves including one modelled like a bunch of corn, with a field mouse sniffing about for food.


          Now people say tinned beans and frozen peas donít exhibit as well and they certainly lack the smell.  Mind you, the supermarkets make pretty impressive displays with their fruit and veg and flowers. 


          The countryside around Maybole marks the seasons so clearly.  Lambs in Spring in the fields towards Minishant and the Summer cutting of hay and corn in the fields towards Maidens, and so on...  These are constant reminders of Godís regular cycle of provision for us.


          But what is harvest festival?  Itís our opportunity to thank God for all He gives us.  Did someone mutter - And what about the starving?    Be assured:

World harvests are more than enough to meet everybodyís need, if only some of us were less greedy and more generous.


Come and give thanks to God for all His bounty

Ė and use the opportunity to share some of what you have

with people in need elsewhere in the world.


Join us at our Harvest Thanksgiving Service

Sunday September 28th at 11.30 a.m.



Rev Richard Martin                                                                         07 August 2003


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