Christmas 2003
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Whatever you may think of Christmas

you are probably not averse to receiving presents.


          I must admit to getting bowled over by Christmas at church and I always appreciate presents!  I like giving presents, too Ė especially trying to surprise my wife!


          What was the best gift you ever received Ė or is every year a new excitement?  Perhaps youíre still waiting to get something youíve always wanted or something to outrank every gift you ever received.


          The apostle Paul suggests Godís gift of His Son was the most outstanding gift ever given.  Not the gift of a baby to a young woman Ė not even the gift of a miraculous virgin birth.  But Godís willingness to give His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing Him to die for our sins, on the cross at Calvary, barely ten miles from His birth place.


          Paul called it Godís indescribable gift!    Of course, the giver cannot make you accept a gift.  You have to take it, unpack it and use it.  The same is true with Godís indescribable gift of His son Ė you have to reach out your hands and accept Him ~ you have to enter into the relationship.


Maybole Baptist Church Members

Wish all our READERS

Godís Rich Christmas Blessing


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Rev Richard Martin                                                                    Sunday, 21 December 2003


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