December - 2001
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               A regular message from


S. Ayrshire                                             Scotland

Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister

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Are you AMAZED at the discoveries made almost daily?  And are you AMUSED that the more mankind discovers, the more we find there is to discover?


Recently I came across this comment:

Human capacity & aspiration are immense - human desire to understand the world, limitless - but God's works are so vast, His ways so mysterious, human thought cannot embrace them

So, what of cloning a human embryo? Have we fathomed the secret of life, hitherto the province of God alone? Not even research embryologist in the field make that claim.

And the birth of Jesus? Was it really a virgin birth? Can we believe that this engaged girl and her man had no sexual relationship? Sex out of wedlock was culturally & religiously disapproved - but not unknown. It was grounds for legal separation from betrothal (a very strong engagement). So ...?

The Bible predicted a virgin birth 700 years before the event. And God chose to reveal how He would effect it. His angel told Mary - the Holy Spirit will come upon you & the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So JESUS was born.

Never before & never again! Once & once only in history.

And ours is the privilege of sharing His birthday celebrations!

Everyone at Maybole Baptist Church

prays that you will have


and that you'll know Gods rich blessings though 2002


Whoever you are,

               Whatever your need,

 Ask & We'll pray for you.

Monday, 03 December 2001                                                       Richard Martin