February - 2003
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Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister



It is unlikely that you missed the day of remembrance in January.  The UK media certainly drew attention to The Holocaust.

            The Holocaust is the period from January 30th 1933 when Adolph Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, to May 8th 1945, when the European sector of World War II ended.  During that period Hitler’s Nazis carried out his policy of systematic genocide, attempting to secure a German race of ‘pure Arian stock’.  This led to the elimination of six million Jews and probably around five million Gypsies, Serbs, Polish intelligentsia, resistance fighters, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, habitual criminals, beggars, vagrants and hawkers. 

            But that was over half a century ago.  Few still live who survived the German death camps.  Do we need to revive the memories of the terrible conditions and brutalities that killed 11,000,000 people?  Remembering such vicious, indescribable evil only causes new revulsion, even hatred, to fester within us.

            Dwelling on vileness contaminates our attempts to foster international relations.  Indeed, some ask if anything in today’s world could approach Hitler’s Final Solution of the Jewish Problem.

            I want to suggest that every time I turn my back on someone, every time I ‘cut someone off’, every time I refuse to befriend someone, to help them, to enter into conversation with them, I take the first step in that Nazi process of ‘purification’.  I am saying they are not good enough . . .

Jesus countenances no justification for such behaviour – He says:

I tell you who hear me:

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

 Luke 627-28 NIV

(These are those who set themselves against me).


If I’m to love those who set themselves against me how much the more must I love all others? 

Rev Richard Martin                                                      Monday,  3 February 2003

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