February 2000 Release
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An tho’ I canna see, I guess and fear . . .’

[ Robert BURNS ]


Everybody has hope. Hope for social justice and international peace; for progress against violence, pollution and illness; or for health, holidays or retirement; or for a big win on the lottery! But people use this word with misgivings - with serious doubts surrounding their aspirations.


Robbie Burns wrote An tho’ I canna see, I guess and fear ...’. Most people know his uncertainty about the future. And that’s not surprising, since most the things people hope for are tied up with chance, or ‘calculated risks’!


Psychologists say hope is the spring of human activity - and the consequences of hopelessness are often tragic. Can real life be built on hopes rooted in guessing and fear?


Hope in the Bible is based on the certainty of God & His demonstrated love for mankind. The Apostle Paul said that Jesus Christ: " gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness " And, of those who knew Christ as their Saviour, he went on, "having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life." (Titus 3 & 4)


The death of Jesus Christ the cross is the certainty of God and His demonstrated love for mankind. This is my proof and confidence that God loves me - He gave his Son to redeem me from my sin. How can I doubt Him. His every promise MUST be certain. This is CHRISTIAN HOPE - unsurpassable hope.


WHAT HOPE HAVE YOU GOT? Hope surrounded by guessing, chance and luck - or the certain hope of God and His salvation offered in Jesus Christ?


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