January - 2002
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               A regular message from


S. Ayrshire                                             Scotland

Rev Richard MARTIN -Minister

What Happened To The Festivities?

Here we are, less than one full month into the New Year, and, with the trimmings down and the cards put away or discarded, for the most part, the festivities are forgotten.

'Father Christmas' sent a little girl I know of (in Australia) on a treasure hunt around the house and garden until she found her presents piled in her father's van!  Where are those presents now?  A young friend of mine, at church, had her bedroom redecorated (her colours), a new bed and a new carpet for Christmas.  A present she'll live with - and a sign of growing up?  But before long she'll be so used to them that she'll pay them little heed.

It is so easy to forget both gifts and givers - and their reasons for giving.  Did we give Christmas gifts because its expected of us - or because it was fun to give them - or because we love those who receive our gifts?

The Bible says that

 God gave us His Son because He loves us  -  

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 58

Do you know and enjoy His love?



Whoever you are,

               Whatever your need,

 Ask & We'll pray for you.

Monday, 13 Janaury 2002                                                       Richard Martin

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