January - 2003
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Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister



Ambling through some internet entries under ‘....A happy New Year’ I came across a greeting to all non-smokers and those who would join us by giving up this year.  

It occurred to me that I might make this month’s message:

A Happy New Year To All Bible Believing Christians

 & All Who Will Join Us This Year

By Jesus Christ To Forgive Their Sins.


That might be a greeting, of sorts, but is it a message?

Well, there is a message lying behind the greeting.

The first part is that as a Christian Church isn’t just self-congratulating.  We do desire to see others sharing in the blessings we enjoy.  We hope and pray that others will join us this year.  Not just to swell our numbers but to enjoy what we have.


The second part of the message is there too. 

You become a Bible Believing Christian if you take up what the Bible says – namely that: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners....

(That’s how the Apostle Paul wrote it in 1 Timothy chapter 1 verse 15.)

So we need to come and ask his forgiveness. 


ACTUALLY we wish all our readers a Happy New Year

– those who believe and all the others. 

We hope they will find Jesus as their personal Saviour.

                                        [We’d be pretty dumb Christians if that wasn’t our hope and prayer!]

Rev Richard Martin                                                      Monday,  30 December 2002

We would be happy to pray for you.

Contact us with your prayer request on

Martins.Maybole@Virgin.net    or   (UK) 01655 88 22 05