July - 2001
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A monthly message from


Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister

Holidays Ahoy!

Now I know that ‘down under’ the poor folk are suffering winter cold! I felt so sorry for a friend telling me of temperatures around 19°C!! But as a hardened old Scot, he’s bred to take it.

Right here in Maybole we are sweltering in temperatures just scraping 20°C! With the children out of school, our holidays must be close. That means three things: a change of daily routine, a round of family visits and 10 days in Switzerland!

The nearest thing to a holiday I find in the Bible is Jesus saying to His disciples:
Come with me . . . to a quiet place and get some rest.
(Mark 6.31)

Actually, It didn’t work out. Before they knew where they were, crowds of people surrounded them - and it finished with Jesus preaching all day then feeding five thousand with a lad’s picnic.

Holidays don’t always work out as we expect - or want. The thing about Jesus’ and the disciples’ experience, (Mark 6), is that Jesus turned a disappointment into a miracle! He always can.


Wednesday, 04 July 2001                                                             Richard Martin

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