June 2003
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I came a cropper over the plans for our grandchild’s arrival!

So Now I’m being very careful about talking of holiday plans!

We aim to leave in very early hours, to reach Devon in the afternoon.  But does that allow enough time for comfort stops & snoozes?


            We’ve just been thinking about the Ascension at church, the time when Jesus returned to heaven and His Father.  I wonder if He had it all planned down to the last minute.  Reading the Bible, I get the impression that He was always aware of what was going to happen, and when, though He had no watch or alarm clock!


            He told His disciples I came from the Father . . . now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.  John 1628.  And He said to His Father, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began. John 175.  Can you imagine the glory and excitement of heaven for Jesus or for those who follow Him there? 


            He promised everyone who put their trust in Him, that He would prepare a place for them to join Him, when their time came.   


   Jesus was always aware when His Time Had Come   - His time to die on the cross - and, after His resurrection, His time to return to heaven.  But we are not so certain about when our time will come.


But if we’ve confessed our sin & asked God’s forgiveness in Jesus Name;

- we can be sure He has forgiven us, and given us new life in Jesus;

if our trust is in Him our place in heaven is secured.

This we can certainly know


The Ascension is about Jesus returning to heaven & being crowned in glory.

It also assures us that where He has gone we can follow

- though we can hardly begin to imagine the glory of heaven.




Rev Richard Martin                                                                             24 May 2003


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