June 2004
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Kosovan Refugees In Albania



We heard recently about a family from Kosova who,

like many others, fled to Albania at the time of the troubles

in their own country where they’d been leading a Christian church.


                      Their 5 year old lad, Shpetim, was very concerned about his granny & grandpa, his aunts and uncles and cousins? What was happening to them back where the war was going on, he asked?


Shpetim’s Dad replied: What did we read in the Bible last Sunday?

The little boy pondered, then remembered and answered

God will take care of everything you need.

Well, then, His father said, God will take care of all our family.


                      One by one, fleeing relatives descended on their small apartment.  Where would they all sleep? What would they eat? Each time Shpetim had a question, Dad simply replied: Remember what we read - God will take care of everything you need.


                      It wasn't so bad when 6 had arrived, space could be found, and so could plates and cups, mattresses and pillows. But what happens when there are 40 people? - God will take care of everything!


                      Day by day Shpetim's eyes grew bigger as he saw God provide food for them all; mattresses to sleep on; even 2 more apartments to rent so everyone had somewhere to sleep! God really was taking care of everything - right down to the last cup and fork!


                      Each Sunday Shpetim’s Dad, the Pastor, led a service and during the week he led a Bible study group. He encouraged the relatives to listen to what he had to say from the Bible. After all, in answer to prayer God was feeding them, clothing them and giving them a home and bed, so they might as well hear what else he had to say!


                      Shpetim’s old grandmother listened to her son.  Things were so different from the Orthodox Church she knew. You just tell the story like it is, from the book. This Jesus is impressive,  she told her son. 


This is the verse Shpetim’s Dad reminded him of

- like it is, from the book!

My God will meet all your needs

according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 419



Rev Richard Martin                                                                         Tuesday, 08 June 2004


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