March - 2002
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S. Ayrshire                                             Scotland

Rev Richard MARTIN -Minister

Hello  Spring! - Are You There . . . somewhere?

March 1st saw day-long warm sunshine on Scotland's South West coast.  I walked the front at Largs, my coat flying open.  But since then it's back to cloud & rain & cold wind. I thought Spring had sprung, but....!        What a difference the weather makes to us.

But the month that began with a wonderful spring day is to end with the brightest day of the Christian Calendar - RESURRECTION DAY - Easter.  Whatever the weather (surely Spring will be here by then!)  it is a day of great Christian rejoicing.

Every Sunday is a reminder of the Jesus' resurrection.  Indeed, a day cannot go by without Christians remembering and thanking God for what Good Friday and Easter Sunday mean.  But at Easter itself we make something special of Jesus deliberately going to the cross, allowing Himself to be crucified until He was dead.  He died so that our sins could be forgiven - then He gloriously rose from death.

Nearly 300 years ago a Christian Hymn writer penned:

Love's redeeming work is done - Fought the fight, the battle won

Jesus' resurrection was the proof / is the proof

of His having defeated Satan.

Satan may still exert an influence on humanity

but he knows that his days are numbered

- he is vanquished.


We Will Willingly Pray For You

 - Wherever You Live & Whatever Your Need.

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Monday, 4 March 2002                                                       Richard Martin

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