November 2003
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Fake Kisses Or Intimate Lingering


I came across a writer

who suggested our prayers were too often like

tossing fake kisses towards God rather than

lingering intimately with our Lord!


For many people, acknowledgement of God is far more

like a cursory nod of the head with never a grunt of recognition.


                On moving to Scotland my wife and I were struck by the way people responded when we said hello in the street.  They seemed happy to pause for a conversation.  We had to get used to the way they’d engage the cashier in conversations when we were waiting in the queue behind them!  It was just not done in our London suburb!!  People there are always in a rush.


                On my daily sea-sidewalks I find people ever willing to speak and only the odd ones drop their heads and say nothing.  There’s always the weather to speak about – be it glorious sunshine or blasting a gale.


But we never get to deep personal conversation.

Perhaps you’d hardly expect that between strangers.

If that is so, what does it say of our prayer life?

Is God so much a stranger that I can’t linger intimately with Him?


In his letter in the New Testament James writes


And the scripture was fulfilled that says,

 "Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,"

and he was called God's friend.

James  223


Here’s the clue to intimate friendship with God.

We have to BELIEVE God

- believe Him for Who He is - the Sovereign God Almighty

and the Saviour of all those who trust Him.


(Don’t hesitate to e-mail us if you want to talk more about this) 

Rev Richard Martin                                                                    27 October 2003


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