September - 2002
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Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister

The Current ‘In Word’


By the time you read this THE word may be lost in some other news item which blots out the current screen-filler  -  sustainability.

It is the talking point of those gathered in South Africa for the International Conference on the Environment.  The cynic says it’s all talk -  ideas shared and decisions taken by world’s political leaders will disappear in the fumes of the aircraft they jet home in.

But sustainability is no new idea.  God designed the world for fruitfulness & replenishment.  From the very beginning He purposed for His creation to be fruitful & multiply.  He designed plants, animals & humankind to reproduce themselves.  That’s Sustainability

Sadly, wealthier individuals and nations sacrifice those objectives by careless and selfish use of the planet’s resources.  Thus the smaller part of the world’s population enjoys all it needs and more, whilst the majority experience poverty.   Poverty is not God’s idea. 

We may get the impression that humans are better at reproducing themselves than the plants and animals that provide their food sources.  But even now, when properly shared, there is more than enough food to satisfy the world’s population.  No one needs to lack an ample diet.

God created everything - and it was good.  When sin entered the world God needed to give us commandments.  Jesus summarised them as two – the second being You Shall Love Your Neighbour As Yourself.  To make God’s plan for fruitfulness work properly, everyone must have an equal share.  In a selfish, sinful world that’s not easy - and without Jesus Christ in one’s life it’s impossible.

Put fruitfulness and genuine love of one’s neighbour together and you have a really sustainable lifestyle.  Very few environmentalists appreciate that this is God’s model for life.

Rev Richard Martin ................................Thursday, 29 August 2002

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