September 2004
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Retire or Re-tyre?


Time to retire, or as some friends put it

- Time to RE-TYRE!


Itís about five years since God opened the door for me and my wife to come to Maybole, when the Baptist Church called us to minister here.  We didnít know how long weíd be here but we believed that as God had shown us we should come He would show if and when to move on.


             For anyone familiar with the UK housing market in the UK, our story speaks for itself.  When we visited our daughters in Devon early this year we had a look at what might be available in our price range.  It was not encouraging! 


             But at a second estate agentís, and after a first visit to the only house he showed us, we made an offer that was accepted.  Within two months the house was ours.  Here was God saying, ďItís time to move on


This Ďmoving oní is retiring.  But what is retirement for Christians?

We live to serve our Saviour, Jesus Christ who has never retired.  Can we? 


             So we are expecting that retirement for us will mean Ďre-tyrementí.  In motoring terms that can be a very expensive process Ė especially if you renew your tyres all round.  And we anticipate that the Lord Jesus is going to do something outstanding (expensive) for us!


I am impressed by one of Mosesí generals, Caleb.  He said I am today, eighty-five years old!

 I am still as the day Moses sent me out;

I'm just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.

Now give me this mountain that the LORD promised me that day.

Joshua 1410-11


             Iím sixteen years younger than Caleb was, and I canít say, as he did, that Iím as strong as I was in my forties.  But, like Caleb, Eva & I look to God to do something fresh in us and with us when we move shortly.


There is always something new in the Christian life.

When you walk with the Lord every day should be special.

Whatís more, He is always willing to re-tyre you

with the best tyres, regardless of the cost.


Have you asked God to forgive your sin in Jesus Name?

Are You Ready To Walk With Him Every Day Of Your Life?

                                           Rev Richard Martin                                                                         Saturday, 25 September 2004

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