World Trade Centre Disaster
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A monthly message from - MAYBOLE BAPTIST CHURCH - Rev Richard MARTIN - Minister

World Trade Centre Disaster


Most the Western world has been bitterly shocked

by the recent attacks on key buildings

in New York & Washington.

For now, the perpetrators remain a matter of conjecture, and given the relative ease with which the atrocities were performed any fanatic group might be responsible.

The numbers, killed, injured and lost are still only guesswork, and our thoughts go to the many thousands more whose lives are now transformed by the loss of loved ones or the need to give permanent care to the maimed. For so many thousands is this a dark and lonely hour.

But, this morning my attention was turned to Psalm 139.

The writer realises that God never loses sight of us.


If I say, Surely

the darkness will hide me & the light become night around me,

even the darkness will not be dark to You;

the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to You.


In the darkest moments we encounter,

Such as this recent disaster,

God sees us

And He will meet us with a light by which to walk.

Let us know your need and we will pray for you.

Wednesday, 12 September 2001                                                         Richard Martin

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