Maybole Council of Churches - Meeting Minutes - Nov. 15, 2000
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At the above meeting the following members were present : Fr. Jim Hayes, Rev. Ali Naylor, Mrs Joyce Glass-Watson, Mrs Marian Davidson, Dr. Edna Collie, Mrs Anne McPike, Mrs Margaret Landsburgh, Mrs Marianne McCreadie, Mrs Doreen Qua, Rev. David Whiteman, Mrs Ellen Hawkes

Apologies were received from Rev. Tom Bogle, Rev. Chris Lyon, Mrs Anne Girvan, Mr Bennett Ward

Fr. Jim Hayes thanked Mrs McPike for showing the video of the Chernobyl children.

Areas of discussion included the following.

Alpha : Rev. Whiteman spoke of Alpha progress. Saturday 16th November, the Holy Spirit day at Kirkmichael had gone very well. There is an average attendance of twenty each week and there will be an evaluation at the end of this first session. The organising group wish to book the Charity Shop in September 2001 to raise funds to cover Alpha or other evangelising expenses. Any monies raised would come into the Council's bank account.

Christian Aid : Many thanks were expressed to the Christian Aid committee for this year's collection.

Chernobyl Visit : Mrs McPike thanked everyone for their support at the time of the Chernobyl children's visit.

Holiday Club : There will be a meeting of the ladies organising the Holiday Club on 27th November to plan a Christmas party. All Church reps. have been contacted.

United Services : Fr. Hayes asked that the Remembrance Service be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. A joint end-of-term service for primary school children is being arranged by the school chaplains. The Town Hall is booked for Friday 22nd December for the joint carol service at 7pm. The Academy Band will play and mince pies and tea will be arranged.

Town Twinning : Mrs Hawkes will write again to Miss Maureen Craig and offer united services.

Visitors Leaflet : As all clergy and Council events have changed considerably, the leaflet needs a complete overhaul. A draft copy will be sent with next minutes for review. Maybole Community Development Group : Rev. Naylor and Fr. Hayes had visited the group with a view to contacting others in the town to provide something for youth. Many groups are interested and The Development Officer will try to arrange a get-together to progress. Fr. Hayes and Rev. Naylor (subject to agreement of Rev Lyon) agreed to represent the Council on the MCDG.

Tradecraft : Two very successful sales evenings were held in Maybole.

Christmas Cards : All Church details are being checked. 2000 copies in gold colour, as last year, will be printed by Fr. Hayes. Mrs McCreadie and Mrs Qua will arrange dispersal to each church.

It was agreed to buy copies of "Christmas the real thing" at 8p per copy, 160 total cost, to distribute with Christmas cards this year.

Web-site : Selected items will be processed for the Maybole site and will be given to press for an article to accompany the group photograph which was taken at the beginning of the meeting. Mrs Hawkes will progress.

Maybole Day Hospital : A request from the Sister in charge for the churches to visit was discussed. This would need to be brought up at the various church councils. It was agreed that this be reflected on and placed on the next agenda.

Churches were reminded to let Fairknowe know if they are unable to attend on the date of the rota.

Crossraguel Abbey Annual Service : The service this year had been so good that a request to make it an annual event has been received from the Community Association Secretary. It could be linked to the town Gala Day. When this date is known, plans will be made.

Town Scroll Committee : Fr. Hayes, as Convenor, had been asked to be a member of the committee to review nominations. From now on scrolls will be presented only every fifth year.

Maybole Sick Nursing Association : This group has been re-established. Its aim is that people apply to the group for items to assist the disabled. Dr. Edna Collie agreed to represent the Council.

Convenorship : Our Lady & St. Cuthbert's year is ended and Fr. Hayes stands down after this meeting. Rev Whiteman will be the convenor for 2001. Mrs Ellen Hawkes retires as secretary and Dr. Edna Collie will take over. Mrs Margaret Landsburgh remains a treasurer.

Date of next meeting : Wednesday 7th February, 7.30pm St Oswald's Church hall.

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