St. Oswald History
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Church Building History: extract from the book - Maybole, Carrick's Capital by James T. Gray  (Chapter 12, page 122.)

Photo: Rev Dr. E Jauncey. Minister at St. Oswald's from 1952 - 1965. Photo contributed by his daughter Celia Dancer.

"The Episcopal Church at the foot of Gardenrose Path was built about the end of last century and is a small neat building with a simple dignity unfortunately marred by being crammed into a small site. It had a metal framework bell tower with a little high pitched bell, the sound of which was so familiar to the townspeople, until the tower was removed during the second World War to help the war effort in the collection of scrap metal. The interior is more attractive, than any of the larger churches, with a fine arch to the altar on the east wall."

The photo above of the choir boys and clerics of St. Oswald's Church was taken about 1922. Contributed by Edna Collie. My father, George McCulloch, was 11 years old at the time of the photo and he is third from the left. One of his brothers, John, who is on the extreme right, sang in the choir. Valerie (McCulloch) Wright. The young lad 4th from the left was the father of  church member - Molly  Brown.

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