The Baptist Church
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THE BAPTIST Church in Carrick Street stands almost at the centre of the town and exercises an effective ministry in the community. It was in 1914 the building was erected. At a time when Sir Edward Grey said "The lights are going out all over Europe" a new "lampstand" was being set in Carrick's capital. This comfortable and commodious house of worship has been a valued and much appreciated legacy to the two generations, which have occupied it.

Baptists in Maybole, however, trace their history to a mission held in 1896, under the auspices of the Ayrshire Christian Union, in what was known as the Evangelistic Hall, erected in 1879 and managed by a committee from various churches. The driving force of the mission was a local business man Mr. Thomas Ramsay, who secured the use of the former Methodist church in Abbott Street as a place of worship for Baptists the church being constituted on March 1st, 1900. Almost immediate steps were taken to acquire land and erect a new building. Thomas Ramsay himself became the first minister, remaining in the pastorate until 1916, thereafter being Pastor Emeritus until his death in 1934. Noted for its evangelistic zeal, the church has sent a number of its members into full time Christian service at home and overseas. Two sons of the manse were ordained; five women and one man felt the call to the mission field. At present the church has two missionaries in Zaire and one in Europe, while the present minister, Dr K. O. Rendell entered the Baptist ministry from the church in 1950. The Baptist church in Girvan owes its origin to the initiative of the folk in Maybole a fellowship being formed in 1907 and a church constituted in 1920. When the caravan site at the Maidens was developed the church pioneered a Sunday service for visitors in the camp canteen, a service which is now shared with Kirkoswald Parish church and held in the village hall.

The church adheres to the old Maybole custom of a noon service on Sundays, except in July and August when it is brought forward to 11.30am, an evening service being held at 6.30pm throughout the year. The church follows the Scottish Baptist tradition of a weekly communion service, following the noon service except for the last Sunday of the month, when it follows the evening service. Except in the months of July and August a mid week prayer meeting is held on Thursday evenings.

Sunday school meets on Sunday mornings at 10.45am, while a Junior Christian Endeavour group meets on Wednesdays at 6.30pm. The Youth Fellowship hold their meetings at the close of evening service, while a recently formed Youth Club, principally for teenagers, enjoys the facilities of the Carrick Recreational Centre on Friday evenings. For the womenfolk there is a meeting on Monday evenings at 7.30pm in the church hall. Baptists pride themselves that theirs is a church where all may feel at home, and where a warm welcome is offered to all.