The 1st Maybole Boys' Brigade 1978-79
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By William Boyce, Captain, 1st Maybole BB

NUMBER OF BOYS: Junior Section 25; Company Section 15, three officers. Company Section meets Tuesday nights 7.l5pm-9pm in Old Parish Church Hall. Junior Section meets Thursday nights 6.3Opm-8pm in West Parish Church Hall. Officers: Mr William Boyce, Captain; Mr Alan Harvey, Officer in Charge of Company Section; Miss Linday Nelson, Officer Junior Section; Chaplains: Rev James Brown and Rev G. B. Anderson.


A combined company and Junior Section 10 mile sponsored walk was held in October 1978. This is a fund raising event which is held every year at this time. Also held were a Coffee Evening and Beetle Drives throughout the year. 

Both Company and Junior Section boys were taken for a night out to the pantomime at Ayr Gaiety. Company Section boys under the charge of Mr Harvey were taken on a conducted tour of Killoch Colliery which was enjoyed by everyone who went. 

Midway through the session we lost experienced officers in Mr Alex Fielding (formerly Captain of the Company) and Miss Marie Drain, and Officer in the Junior Section: Both of these officers will be greatly missed for the time and effort they put into their work with the Company. I would like to take this chance through this magazine to express, on behalf of the 1st Maybole Company, our grateful thanks for the work carried out over the years by both of them and to wish them well for the future. 

The loss of these officers has seriously handicapped both sections in the activities and events we ran throughout the year. It is hoped that some new helpers can be recruited this coming session. Anyone who may be interested in helping out in any of our sections will be made most welcome. No experience is necessary, just come along on a Tuesday or Thursday evening or contact me at 3 Welltrees Square, Maybole or Mr Alan Harvey, do Harvey and Ross, (Butchers), High Street, Maybole. 

Company Section Activities: Badge work; Drill; PT; Orienteering; Camping; First Aid; Skiing; Swimming; Fund Raising; Football and Games. 

Junior Section Activities:,Badge Work; Drill; Games; Hobbies; Fund Raising Events. 

It is our hope for session 1979-80 to strengthen the two sections, both in the number of boys and officers so as to increase the amount of activities for the boys to participate in.

It is also hoped to have more fund raising events as every youth organisation relies solely on fund raising events and donations to survive. It is getting more expensive to run our company. Before we start to make any money to be spent on new equipment and the boys themselves we have to pay insurance for all boys and officers, plus Battalion contributions. This can cost up to over 100. So I hope this may help the public to have a better understanding as to why they are asked to donate or contribute to our fund raising events. I would also like to thank those who donated or contributed and helped in our fund raising events of last year. Most of these events could not have taken place without the help of our very good Parents' Committee, for which we are very thankful. I would like to thank Maybole Community Council for giving me the chance, through this magazine, to highlight the work of the Boys' Brigade in Maybole and some of the work that goes into the running of the Company.