Your Community Council, by Geoff Palmer, Chairman
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MAYBOLE Community Council is made up of 15 elected representatives of the local community. Our function, as I see it, is to represent to Kyle and Carrick District Council, to Strathclyde Regional Council and to other public bodies the opinions, desires and problems of the people in Maybole, and to work with the other elected representatives for the good of the community in preserving and improving the town. 

The Community Council has a full meeting on the first Monday of each month in Maybole Town Hall and members of the public are always welcome to attend and observe. Of course, as well as this our various sub-committees, such as the Magazine Committee and Working Parties and Special Topics meet from time to time as requirements demand. The first half of this year and most of last year was spent investigating and studying the "Local Plan for Maybole." This Local Plan is a programme of changes and improvements to Maybole which are envisaged by the District Council over the next 10 years. It deals with many issues, including education, recreational and play areas, parks, housing, roads, including By-pass, community facilities and the environment to name only a few of the main items. Despite the importance of this and the efforts of the Community Councillors in advertising through the press and with posters the public meeting which was held regarding the Local Plan in the Town Hall, when officials from Kyle and Carrick District Council attended and gave us the chance to express our views to them on the Local Plan and on their policies in general, only 150 people found time to attend. In my opinion this is apathy at its worst and it not only affects the present residents of Maybole but our children and our children's children also. Some people in Maybole tend to confuse the Community Councillor with Town Councillors. Unfortunate as this may be we no longer have Town Councillors, the Town Council was, of course, disbanded under Local Government Reorganisation. Sadly Community Councillors do not have the powers and functions that Town Councillors had, but Community Councillors can and are pleased to convey ideas and suggestions and complaints brought to us by members of the community to the various departments of the District and Regional Councils as well as to other public bodies whose activities affect the lives of the people in Maybole. 

To do this we need your support, interest and help and I would recommend that you find out, if you do not already know, who your local Community Councillor is - better still become a Community Councillor yourself, I promise you it won't take up too much of your time, but the valuable work done by the Community Council is essential for Maybole to retain its identity and to go forward successfully in the future. Ihere are many types of grants available, especially through Strathclyde Regional Council for projects and ideas which the Community Council would like to put forward. Other towns obtain them.

Maybole Community Council itself has been successful in some of our applications for grants, such as the one for running last year's Summer Playscheme and the one which helped to finance this magazine, but with more support and, if we are fed more ideas from individuals within the Community, we may be able to obtain finances to carry out other projects.

Finally may I congratulate the members of the Community Council who have undertaken to produce this magazine which I hope becomes an annual event in the life of our town and I am sure you will agree with me that it will be read with interest, both by Minniebolers at home and abroad who have an interest in our tine town. Chairman - Mr G. C. T. Palmer, 30 Kildoon Drive, Maybole. Vice-chairman - Mr William Cuthbert, 20 Mochrum Avenue, Maybole.

The summer playscheme had a special treat when youngsters marvelled at Charlton Heston in "The Planet of the Apes"

Secretary - Mr James McDermott, 29 High Street, Maybole. Treasurer - Miss M. Hendrie, 11 Cassillis Terrace, Maybole. Publicity - Mr David Kiltie, 5 Crosshill Road, Maybole. Mr Alan Murray, 19 Coral Glen, Maybole; Mr William Corbett, 17 Hicks Avenue, Maybole; Mr Charles McDermott, 17 Glebe Crescent. Maybole; Mrs A. Bennett, 3 Cassillis Terrace, Maybole; Mrs J. Glass-Watson, 3 Kincraig Court, Maybole; Mr J. Gray, 2 Ashgrove Avenue, Maybole; Mr J. Nelson, 36 Minnoch Crescent, Maybole; Mr S. Reid, 12 Chesney Grove, Maybole; Mr R. Robb, 15 Miller Terrace, Maybole; Mrs J. Armstrong, 3 Golf Course, Girvan (Regional Councillor); Mr W. McCubbin, 6 Queen's Terrace, Maybole (District Councillor).

Community Council elections take place each May and people who are interested to serve on the Community Council should watch Public Notices in the local press for further details of these.