The Old Church - by The Rev G. B. Anderson
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THE history of Maybole begins, more or less, with the founding of the Parish Church in 1192, when Duncan, the first Earl of Carrick "gave to God and St Mary of Melrose, a certain piece of land in Carrick, named Maibothel." This church must not be confused with the Old College which was set up in 1371 next to the parish Church of those days, by Sir John Kennedy of Dunure. Nothing, of course, now remains of the original church of 1192 and just how many buildings have occupied the site, it Is Impossible to say, but there is a record of a new building being erected in 1755.

It is of this building that a faint outline may be traced in the Old Graveyard, it could only have stood for some 50 years for in 1807 a decision was taken to erect a new building in the New Yards. This was so because the building had stood derelict for about two years and the people had worshipped in the open air. A minute of the Presbytery of Ayr indicates how, at this juncture, the matter was taken up with the Heritors of Maybole.

The Old Church, presently standing in Cassillis Road, was therefore begun early in 1807, completed by the end of 1808 and officially opened in January 1809.

In the course of its history, the building has given some cause for anxiety. The Second Statistical Account tells of considerable repairs being made to the interior in 1830. In 1890, the vestry in the steeple was adapted to accommodate the organ and an "outside vestry" was built. In 1928-1930 came the big renovation when the heavy surrounding galleries were removed and the seating turned round to face the east wall, where, of course, the pulpit was duly sited as it is at present. Stained glass has been added from time to time so that now, we have a dozen interesting and attractive windows. 

The Old Church has thus had a long and engrossing history. We have entered into an inheritance of which, in proper fashion, we should be justly proud. But each generation must uphold the Church in its own day, by love and attendance and support, and to that we all are called.