Senior Citizens' Indoor Bowling Club
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April saw the end of the season for the Senior Citizens' Indoor Bowling Club. Pictured are the season's award winners, club officials and guests. This year the trophies were presented by Mrs McLean who is on the extreme right of the photograph. Prize-winners were: ladies' Championship (McLean Rosebowl) - Mrs A. Brackenridge; runner-up, Mrs M. Speirs. Gent's Championship (McLean Cup) - J. Barr; runner-up, J. Shannon. Mixed Pairs (John Wallace Trophy) - Mrs Kilpatrick and W. Hicks; runners-up, Mrs Fulton and T. Brown. The Chimes Jug - R. Simmonds; runner-up, R. Anderson. ladies' Singles (Mrs McCulloch's Prize) - Mrs Fulton; runner-up, Mrs Cron. ladies' Pairs (Mrs Mckay Prize) - Mrs Reid and Mrs Kilpatrick; runners-up, Mrs Watson and Miss Kay.