St. Cuthbert's R.C. Primary School
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Mr Murdoch McGuire, Head Teacher

THE END of the school year on 29th June 1979 also saw the end of my first full session as Head Teacher. It was an eventful and enjoyable one. 

During the first week in September 1978, I spent a few days with the Pr. 6 and 7 pupils at Glaisnock House, Cumnock. We all thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the short time there was very informative for everyone, not least myself. 

In the course of the year the older boys played a number of football matches and, when one considers the huge difference in the rolls of our opponents from ours, the lads acquitted themselves very well indeed. During the summer term the girls took part in a netball tournament at Carrick Academy and, like the boys, performed nobly. 

Our Annual Sale in October, 1978, raised over 200. This total speaks for itself for the effort put into the venture and, of course, for the support received. On the subject of money, St Cuthbert's raised well over 150, during the course of the year, for various charities, by collections within and outwith the school. Another total which speaks for itself. 

Christmas 1978 was celebrated with a visit to a Panto, a lovely Carol Service in Our Lady and St Cuthbert's Church and the traditional school party enjoyed equally by pupils and staff. 

January, 1979, saw the lorry drivers' dispute and the subsequent shortage of coal supplies. At one stage we had children working in the rather cramped area of the staffroom, but we soldiered on and, by the end of the dispute, had lost a lot fewer days than many more unfortunate schools throughout the country. 

Throughout the remainder of the session we survived a serious outbreak of chickenpox and a visit by her Majesty's Inspectorate, failed narrowly to win the Maybole School Quiz and also survived, this time I refer to the staff, a school outing to Butlin's and Sports at the Glebe. 

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate this year's Dux Medal winner, Eileen Kiltie, wish all the pupils who have left us every success, and personally thank everyone at St Cuthbert's for their efforts and support. My gratitude is also extended to all the parents who have given me every co-operation in the past year, Canon Moriarty for his guidance and the kids.


Maybole is a nice town, a nice town, 
    a nice town, 
Maybole is a nice town, as nice as 
    it can be;
All the girls like to dance, but boys
    don't even try.
There's lots of birds up in the trees,
    you can see them fly. 
                 LAURA KILTIE, Pr.4
                 St Cuthbert's P. School

Maybole is a small town but if you
 are up on a hill you are very small
and Maybole is very big. 
       St Cuthbert's P. School