St Oswald's Church
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ST OSWALD'S Episcopal Church was set up in 1839 by Bishop Wilson as a mission Church. The Bishop was Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Fullarton Street, Ayr when he was elected to the See of Glasgow and Galloway. He chose to administer his diocese from Ayr and continued to function as Rector of the Parish.

The present building at the corner of Cargill Road and Gardenrose Path was built on land gifted to the Church, and it was consecrated by Bishop Wilson in 1883. St Oswald's continues to be dependent on Holy Trinity, Ayr for its clergy both for taking Services and for the pastoral care of its members. There is at present only one Sunday Service at 11.15 a.m., but weekday Services are provided for on Saints' days and other special occasions. There is a flourishing Sunday School of some 35-40 children in bright and modern surroundings adjoining the church.

Being in full communion with all the other branches of the Anglican Communion throughout the world, St Oswald's welcomes members of that tradition, and always offers them a friendly and warm greeting. Its welcome to members of other traditions who choose to worship with us on occasions is no less warm or sincere.

The fortunes of St Oswald's in Maybole have varied over the years, but there has always been a remnant faithful to its tradition. Like the remnant of old Israel, it has continued to proclaim the same old message of love and reconciliation. Today it continues to witness to that message and to a faith in a caring God in this present restless and somewhat hope-less world.