Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - "Little Maybole"
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"About 1908 .... one of the larger shoe factories (Grays) closed down and gradually the industry dwindled and Maybole again returned to hard times. It is said over 2,000 of the townsfolk emigrated around 1910 many of them going to Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, where there is still a district known as "Wee Maybole"." from Chapter 7 of the book Maybole, Carrick's Capital by James T. Gray.

The photograph below taken at the 3rd Maybole and District picnic in Hamilton, August 10th 1929. (contributed by May Hay)

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The photograph below taken at the 1st Maybole and District picnic in Hamilton, August 27th 1927. (contributed by Gordon McFarlane)

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Click here to read the poems of John Fulton, emigrant from the Maybole in the early 1900's and and who like many of his fellow exiles he settled in Hamilton, Ontario

Here are some emails received from those with Hamilton connections:

Thank you....we are fascinated by the entire Maybole website and have been enjoying connecting old family addresses with the photos of street names in the book on the site. You may be interested to know that my father, Andrew Kidd born 1921 in "Wee Maybole" (Hamilton Ontario) and his sister Isabel, as well as his parents and other family members, are in both photographs of the Maybole picnics of 1929 and 1926, although because we cannot obtain a clear print, we cannot identify them. Interestingly, my father is actually in the 1929 photo twice; he ran from one end of the group after having his picture taken, to the other end while the photographer was resetting up his shot, there not being panoramic lenses at the time the photo was taken in portions then pieced together! It is unfortunate that one corner is torn away as he may have started out in the photo in the missing piece.  Laurie Childs & Michael Kidd, Kitchener, Ontario "redhead2309@aol.com" "michaelkidd@sprint.ca"

My grandparents (George and Eliza Wands) emigrated from Maybole in 1907 with 7 sons and one daughter.  One daughter, Mrs Marshall, remained in Maybole and resided at Belmont Terrace. Hamilton had many people from Maybole. Somewhere in my files I have a panoramic picture of a Maybole picnic held in Hamilton--no names. I must look to see if I have anything further. I know that I have an old book on Maybole. A cousin has several books and may also have some pictures. I am tracing the Wands family tree and have seven generations beginning beginning with my Great-Grandfather, another George Wands.
Robert G. Wands Supreme Council A&ASR Canada Office of Grand Secretary-General

I have been to Maybole about 5 times. Stayed in Girvan and/or Ayr. I enjoyed the Town and its surroundings very much. My Aunt, Mary Pugh, lived in Girvan. My Father, I believe was either born or raised in Maybole, my Mother was, I believe born in Girvan. They immigrated to Hamilton, Ont. Canada around 1926 where I was born in 1930. I have been to both Towns many times since 1963. I enjoyed my visits. I have a picture of a reunion in Hamilton, Canada dated 1927. It is a picture which states a reunion of emigrants from Maybole. There are about 100 people in the picture. 
Gord MacFarlane gordon macfarlane

My father James MacFarlane was from Maybole and came to Hamilton, Ontario.  My Auntie Mary Pugh lived in Girvan on Dalrymple St. Her two boys David and Sammy are still there .
Mary Millar GordnMary@aol.com