The Kings and Queens of Carrick
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A King and Queen of Carrick are currently chosen every year from primary 7 pupils. The photo on the left is Hayley Young, Queen of Carrick for 1985. The second page of earlier photos are from a time when Maybole choose a King and Queen every three years. The photo on the right is believed to be of the first King and Queen.  Click on the photos for full sized pictures.

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The King and Queen of Carrick for 2004

Here's the town's royal couple for 2004. Cairn prmary P7 pupils Jack Wallace and Jamie Louise Brown. Their attendants are Kerry McKeown and Jamie Cron of St Cuthbert's and Erin McGarry and Joe Cree of Gardenrose. See 2004 Gala Day

The King and Queen of Carrick for 2003

 Here are the town's royal couple. Hugh Henderson was crowned King of Carrick by Cathy Jamieson MSP and Nicole Currie was crowned Queen by Councillor Alan Murray at the 2003 Gala Day. Both are both pupils of St Cuthbert's Primary, and their attendants were Megan Hood of Cairn Primary, and Lindsay Nixon and Kyle Faulds of Gardenrose Primary.

The King and Queen The Royal Party The Royal Wave Crowning the King & Queen

The King and Queen of Carrick for 2002

Fraser Thomas and Gayle Barr were crowned the King & Queen of Carrick at the 2002 Gala Day

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Fraser Thomson
Gardenrose P7

Gayle Barr
Gardenrose P7

Blair Sloan and Claire Strang,
 P7s at St Cuthbert's.
Liam Parker and Chelsea Henderson, P7s at Cairn

The King

 The Queen

Royal aides to the King and Queen

The King and Queen of Carrick for 2001

The new King and Queen of Carrick. Scott Alexander and Michelle Brown.

Maybole's New Royal Family

Meet the heirs to the throne of the House of Carrick! Scott Alexander and Michelle Brown of Cairn Primary were the King and Queen of Carrick for 2001.

royalfamily2001.jpg (67060 bytes)

The King and Queen of Carrick for 2000

Sean Murdoch

Megan Bryson

Sean Murdoch  Megan Bryson

The King and Queen of Carrick draw up plans for a royal home?

The King and Queen of Carrick for 2000 were crowned on gala day, Saturday June 24, 2000.

Other Recent Kings and Queens

1999 Summer gala. James Hearton and Andy Hill "crowning" the Royal couple, King of Carrick - Colin McKellar, Queen of Carrick - Vicky McMullen, Attendants - William Fleming and Amy McGregor.

1990 Summer. 

1987 Summer.