This old photo is of my grandparents & their family who were J.P. Boyd, plumbers of Maybole.  I saw an old photo of their premises in the book which was sent to me of Maybole, which I found very interesting & often look at the site. Sincerely Sheila Sims.

I am a resident of Auckland New Zealand and was so excited when my aunt Sheila brought me the millennium book of photographs. Inside the book I found a photo of my grandfathers plumbing business and the place above it where we lived prior to my father emigrating to New Zealand . I was seven years old at time of departure in1958 but with the help of the photos in the book can remember so much about the town. I can also remember the day the queen came to the town. All us kids were lined up on the garden wall at the Mautmens house on the corner of Carrick St and Whitehall waving our little paper union jacks like mad. I also remember doctor Grieve of whom there is a photo in the book. Isn't it funny how you recognize a face from so long ago, so quickly? Any way I have not yet looked through the site and I am so looking forward to doing so. I hope at some time we can chat again. Thank you for the opportunity to get in touch with my roots.
George Boyd