The Doigs of Maybole
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Federico Kauffmann-Doig, Ambassador of Peru in Germany, contacted us early in 2009 with the following message.

"My name is Federico Kauffmann-Doig, I am Peruvian, descendant of John Doig (Maybole 24-VI-1792) who founded the Peruvian family of the Doigs. At present I am Ambassador of Peru in Germany, and would like to visit the city of my ancestor Doig, ... I have with me a PowerPoint presentation that includes pictures of letters and furniture of my ancestor Doig and would like to share these documents with persons living in Maybole and surrounding places and have the name Doig."

On the right is a photograph of John Doig taken about 1863.

Story and photos of the Ambassdor's 2009 Homecoming visit to Maybole in March 2009

Federico Kauffmann-Doig is Maybole's "Indiana Jones". A world renown archaeologist he has two doctorate degrees, one in archaeology and another in history. He has travelled extensively and recently been part of an effort to recover stolen archaeological artefacts.

He his the author of several books, member of art and archaeological organisations and honoured with numerous awards in recognition his significant contributions to the culture and history of Peru. You can read more in the brief biographical sketch on the right. 

Machu Picchu
Inca Treasure
Federico Kauffmann-Doig

Ambassador Kauffmann-Doig & Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel

Archeological site

 As a young boy
 in Peru

Temple of Pintado de El Igenio excavation

Other sites. Descendants of David Doig and Ann Campbell of Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland and Lambayeque, Peru   

                    Power Point Presentation of Doig family history by Federico Kauffman-Doig (English)

                    Power Point Presentation of Archaelogy by Federico Kauffman-Doig on YouTube (Spanish)

                    Press conference in Munich

Article by David Kiltie written for the Ayrshire Post (February 2009)

As most people now know, 2009 is the Year of Homecoming in Scotland and Maybole could be one of the first places to welcome back “home” a high profile descendant of one of its residents.


David Kiltie was contacted last week by Federico Kauffmann-Doig, the present Ambassador of Peru in Germany, who emailed to say that he would like to visit the home of his ancestors near the end of February or in March and asked for his information to be passed on to the Provost, Maybole Historical Society and to the local press.


He is a Peruvian and a descendant of John Doig who was born in Maybole on June 24, 1792 and founded the Peruvian family of the Doigs after emigrating there in 1820. His brother William arrived in Peru some years later before finally emigrating to Chile.


John Doig was the son of Jean Hutchison and David Doig who was a schoolmaster in Maybole and was appointed postmaster on August 13, 1792. David was born on February 15, 1740 in Maybole and died January 11, 1819.


John’s grandfather, also David, was the schoolmaster in Maybole in 1740 and was again appointed schoolmaster on June 10, 1749. In 1756 he was Master of the Grammar School and on October 11, 1756 he became a councillor in the town. He died in 1784 at the age 0f 104.


Mr Kauffmann-Doig has a Powerpoint presentation that includes pictures of letters and furniture of his ancestor and would like to share these documents with anyone living in Maybole and surrounding places who have the name Doig.


He has a doctorate in archaeology, as well as a second doctorate in history. He has lectured at several of the Peru’s universities and as a visiting professor at the University of Bonn he taught Peruvian and American archaeology.


His prolific professional work has been honoured with the title Amauta, the highest award given by Peru in the field of culture. He has twice received Peru's Premio Nacional de Cultura, and was the first Latin American to be awarded Sweden's Neubergh Medal. He has been decorated by the Peruvian government, as well as by the governments of Belgium, Austria and Sweden.


He is a member of Peru's National Academy of History, an Honorary Member of the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Switzerland,a Member of the Royal Academy of History in Madrid, and the founding director of the Institute of Amazonian Archaeology.


He belongs to the Scientific Committee of the Centro Studi Ricerche Ligabue, in Venice, and, together with Giancarlo Ligabue, has made 14 expeditions to the Peruvian Amazonian Andes.


He is also the author of several books.