Harris McAllister (Maybole, Scotland) of the Highland Division
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I'm the webmaster of the World War II Multimedia Database http://www.worldwar2database.com/  I'm assisting a woman in Australia locate WII Veterans. Her father was with British Intelligence during the war and passed a photo to his daughter of Harris McAllister (Maybole, Scotland) of the Highland Division (don't know which one) and others meeting American Gis in Laroche, France in 1944. I am fairly certain the Scottish are from the 51st Division and the Americans from the 84th Division, and the photo was taken between 11-28 January 1945. McAllister is on the extreme left, according to the caption. If you have any contacts who may know Sgt. McAllister or his family, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and attention. Please contact me with any questions.

Jason McDonald

Executive Producer
MFA Productions LLC

In the course of the Battle of the Bulge, during WWII, American and British units together liberated LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNE in the morning of January 11, 1945.   The British troops advanced down the River Ourthe Valley coming from HOTTON, while the American troops came down from DOCHAMPS, SAMREE, CIELLE and maybe FRAITURK .along the opposite side of the River.   This picture was taken during the liberation of LA ROCHE-EN-ARDENNE t the corner of Rue de la Gare and Route de Cielle, in the vicinity of the bridge over the River Ourthe.   On the left: Sgt Harris McALLISTER (Maybole, Ayrshire), Cpl. John DONALD (Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire), Sgt. Frank Dereck RICHARDS (Ricky) (North Wales) from the 51st Highland Division Black Watch.   On the right: 1st Sgt Ray STANGLER (Topeka., Kansas), Cpl. Harlem MATHIS (Sioux Falls, S. Dakota), Sgt. Max REAL (Kotheyville, Kansas) from maybe the 84th US Infantry Division or attached units as 4th Cavalry Group.   (Harris sent a clip of this photo and note to Murray Cook adding, I was liberating Belgium while you were living it up in a P.O.W Camp.)

[text above based on correspondence between Murray Cook and Harris McAllister]