Helen Oliphant (1852 - 1926)
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Dear Friends: My great grandmother, Helen Oliphant, a prominent local citizen of Victoria, B.C. about 100 years ago, was born in Maybole Dec. 10, 1852, the daughter of David Shaw and Janet Mackay. In Glasgow on June 25, 1875, she married Peterhead-born William Oliphant (July 22, 1850 - June 10, 1929). Capt. William & Helen Oliphant were involved in an incredible variety of activities in Scotland, the United States and Canada. He went off to sea on a whaling ship as a boy, and became an engineer and captain. And that was only the beginning. A very interesting book could be written about their lives. They had 11 children. Oliphant Ave., Victoria, B.C. bears their name. Helen died Oct. 14, 1926 in Los Angeles. I thought this might be of some interest. Very nice website! Best Wishes, Bob Galvin-Oliphant Victoria, B.C., Canada.

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