Penpals Wanted!
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We recently received several requests from site visitors wishing to correspond with others with a connection to Maybole. Their requests are posted below. To correspond with them click on their names below.

Just came across the website, its brilliant!! Well done. I'm Maureen Gorman, nee Ogg (Peters daughter) I live in Carnoustie, Angus now and have a 13 year old daughter, Pamela. We are coming down to Maybole during the October school holidays to see my dad, Agnes and all the Squad. Quite settled here but still miss the hometown (obviously not the only one according to the site) would love to post my e-mail address should anyone who remembers me or my family or friends wish to get in touch. Thank you for all your hard work in making this site which obviously means so much to so many people. Kind Regards, Maureen Gorman

My name is Pamela Roy, I'm thirteen and I live in Carnoustie but I'm coming down to Maybole during the October holidays to see my papa. (Peter Ogg) I would like to get in touch with other girls of my age that use Msn or Bebo that I could maybe chat too.

Update: ( Cherie tells us that she has now received enough contacts to fill her Pen-pal quota for this year! Thanks to all who responded!) This request is for a "Pen-pal" or whatever they are called nowadays --- email friends. I reside in small community in western Colorado, USA. I'm a retired teacher and my husband is a retired fireman. We have 2 grown children (boys) raised in a small town in Michigan, mid-eastern, USA. I have 7 siblings. My father was in USA Navy during WW11. My grandparents migrated from Ireland and Sweden - sir names: Murray & Magnusson. My hobbies: member of - "Thimbles & Patches"= quilts for the needy enjoy - reading esp. history member of - ladies exercise group, Cherie Warzyniak See my Maybole Castle page