In Memory of Jimmy Lucas
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Jim Lucas, wee Jimmy as he was known, was born at the Greenside in Maybole in 1936. The youngest of three children, he was raised by his grandmother from the age of three together with his big sister Nancy and big brother Tommy, following the premature death of their mother. The three siblings were brought up alongside the late Ina, big Jim and Jack.

A shy little boy, Jim would hide underneath the dining table whenever visitors arrived but he was to become a popular and charismatic figure, well loved by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

As a school boy, Jim was a member of the Life Boys, progressing to the Boys Brigade at age 11. He didn’t stay there very long though because he didn’t like the hat they wore! So instead he joined the 10th Ayrshire Scout Group with whom he travelled to Germany and as part of an exchange visit was a member of the welcoming committee in 1954. Jim eventually became Assistant Scout Master of the group.

An active young man, he was also a member of Maybole Judo Club and he helped them to build a new training hut of their own in the Croft.

Jim’s first job after leaving school was as Apprentice Grocer with PA McConnell in the town. This was a trade he would later return to when he worked for supermarket “giants” Coopers Fine Fare and Safeway in Prestwick.

National Service took Jim to Penang in Malaya. For two years he served with the Royal Scots Fusiliers and there began his obsession for collecting anything and everything oriental!

National Service completed, Jim came home and quickly secured employment with McQuater Wholesale Confectioners and realised one of his dreams when he bought his first dog, a white Alsatian with his pay. Dusty and her owner became inseparable as she accompanied him on his rounds in the grocer’s van.

A hardworking man, Jim also enjoyed a season at Butlins, he worked at Ailsa Hospital and even spent two years as a traffic warden before becoming Manager of Peter Dominic’s new Off-licence when it opened in Prestwick in the 1970’s. There he spent many enjoyable years with Una by his side, as his book-keeper. When Peter Dominic’s shop was closed down in the late 1980’s, Jim started his own business, taking his staff with him and Jimmy’s Off-Sales was born.

Licence holder Jimmy was always in demand for weddings and parties, usually in Maybole Town Hall. He reputedly did “the best bar in the toon” occasionally keeping work within the family by rallying the younger generation to collect the empty glasses at such functions.

Jim also worked for Mulveins in the town and also maintained several gardens for neighbours and friends over the years and would happily be out gathering brambles at this time of year for any jelly makers.

Home, to kind-hearted Jim, was his house in Coral Glen which he decked out in Ming vases and Cacti. is door was always open and he was happiest in the company of his family or his friends. He loved his cats and dogs (a little too much given that most of them shared their owner’s love of Chinese food!).
He also loved his cars – not everyone will know that Jim bought his first car, a new Mini, when one of his premium bonds came up. After that came the very smart MG, followed by the Lancia and who can forget his spanking new red Ford Capri?

A pipe smoking, spontaneous and funny uncle is fondly remembered by all of his nieces and nephews. Ladies may remember that whether you were young or old, to Jim they were quite simply “lass”.

Unique and charming, Jim was entertaining and welcoming and hospitable to the end. He is sadly missed.