Alison Crawford in ITV 'Grease is the Word'
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Alison Crawford made it to the girls' semi-finals but was finally voted off after the 6th live vote. Congratulations Alison for  a job well done! Maybole and Scotland are proud of your accomplishments!

"...The response from friends, family and others I've met along the way, has been fantastic and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you seems such a simple term to use when really I mean your support has been overwhelming and really touched my heart. I will remember your kind words always and they shall get me through the tough times that this career has to offer in the future!"  Ali

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Anthony and Alison Online Forum

Alison is very proud of her Maybole and Scottish roots. She was raised up within a musical family. Her father encouraged Alison to learn Burns poems and songs from an early age. Alison has starred in stage shows in Liverpool and played the lead in Cinderella. She has also had small parts in Brookside and other television programmes.

Alison currently resides in Liverpool. Born in Birmingham she is the daughter of David Crawford formerly of Kirkoswald Road Maybole. David is the son of Andy Crawford, aka 'The AA Man'. David's brothers are Andy, Alistair and Kenny Crawford. Kenny was for 6 years the Stadium Manager at Rangers Football Club. David also has a sister , Sheila. All of the family attended Carrick Academy. David was educated at Carrick Academy from 1958 until 1966. The family moved to Birmingham, in 1966, following their father's promotion to Chief Superintendent of the AA in the West Midlands.

" From an early age it was obvious that Alison was multi-talented and destined for a career in stage and television. She was an accomplished piano player and singer at 8 years old , and would not be fazed at all by being asked to sing at family gatherings and weddings. Alison is supremely confident in herself and deservedly so. She has a wonderful happy nature and I can tell you this, after speaking to her father, David, he is enormously proud of her achievements in this show. As I was congratulating him  after the first televised show we both got a bit emotional. I think it is only at times like this you actually realise what a great talent she has. All her Scottish family connections are very proud of her."  Kenny Crawford

Note: Latest video of Alison with Bradley Clarkson is on the right as added to youtube July 2nd 2007. Two clicks to play the video.

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Alison - Week 7

Alison - Week 6

Alison and Danny R - Week 4

Anthony and Alison - Tonights the Night

Alison and Anthony - Week 3 Alison and Anthony - Week 2

Alison and Anthony - Week 1

Tell me about it stud!
Alison's audition and acceptance into bootcamp.

A few more photos of Alison earlier in her career. Click on the images to view full size.