Elizabeth Docherty
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Hi everyone. This site is incredible for people like me who are so far away. I've been all over, but there is still no place like home, and with this site whenever I get a bit homesick I just click on. Currently living and working in America, work with children and government. Before that was in Saudi Arabia working for the royal family and before that Germany and England. Life is great but can't wait to get back for a visit. The photo was taken in Washington, DC enjoying a cocktail after a hard day up on Capitol hill trying to change public policy. At least I found a good use for my big mouth, haha. Great to see so many familiar faces, and to hear from so many old friends. All emails welcome. Elizabeth Docherty  (2001)

More about Liz Docherty

I left Maybole when I was about 18, to move to Ayr. When I was 21, I took a job in Germany working as a nanny for army personnel. I was there for about a year, then England for about year and a half. After that I was in Saudi Arabia working for the Royal family before ending up in America and have been living here for about 12 years now, 40 minutes from Manhattan in a place called Stamford Connecticut.  Along the way my life has taken many interesting turns, from the people I meet, the cultures I experience, challenges and hurdles that I have over come.

I have had the fortune to apply myself in a variety of ventures, recording a demo in Nashville TN, singing with opera west in their production of Jeanie Deans in the Gaiety.  In the state of Connecticut I have been trained and certified as a councilor/advocate of sexual assault and domestic violence and have been involved in many different areas of working hands on with the victims. From counseling in the hospitals while they are going thru the medical exam, to police interviews, court appearances, community education, public speaking not to mention fund raising where I awards and recognition.  Also worked with children suffering bereavement of a family member due to homicide, suicide, aids or drug related deaths. 

I am currently working with the U.S. congress, together we are trying to bring national attention to an issue that we feel is very important, it may result in us creating new legislation; I have gained a lot of support on the issue and have come very far with it. I also work with a few attorneys on a variety of issues like immigration and violations in the workforce. I spearheaded a kids against weapons campaign following some of the school shootings, and am also working with federal law enforcement, these are just of a few things that I do on a serious note. 

 A few years ago I found out that Eric Cullen (WEE BURNEY) of Rab C. Nesbitt was my half brother, long story. I am the only biological relative that he had a relationship with and when he died I was asked to write a piece for his book. Emotionally it was very challenging, especially as my dad had died never knowing that he also had a son. 

On a lighter note, I have many of great friends around and we do many fun things together, I love to travel, and so do quite often. It is so easy to get to places from where I am like Washington 4 hours drive, Boston 2-3 hours. Airfares are also quite reasonable. 

Anyway just wanted to say hi and let people know that I am still alive and well. This website has brought me to tears, I maybe on the other side of the Atlantic but my heart will always be in Maybole, it's a big part of who I am.  I would be a liar to say I do not miss it and some of the people. 

I was sorry to see that you do not have anything about the boxing club that my dad got going, though I did see a picture of Shaun Anderson.  He started with my dad at a very young age; they were very close as were many of the boys that were involved with the club. My dad took many of them to shows and some of them did very well like, Shawn Anderson, Frazier McNair, David McGregor to mention but a few.  Would love to hear from anyone who has any pictures of the boxing club.

This website is a tribute to all of you.

Elizabeth Docherty