In Memory of Isa Paterson
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Isa Paterson. Click here for a larger image.

My worst fears came true. My mother died and was buried on New Years Eve. As I said in my Maybole memories article it is the day you dread living in England. It is the first time I have driven to Scotland with a heavy heart. And as we approached Maybole that familiar excitement was not there. My mother was 73 and had been fighting bravely against her illness for years. She was one of Scotland’s earliest heart by-pass patients 1976 and probably the oldest survivor. The surgeon promised her 10 years and she made 29 years.

Her courage is a big comfort to us all and now her pain is gone. We had cards and phone calls by the hundred and had to take turns at answering. She helped so many people in her life and we are so proud of her. Never once did she complain. Always thinking of others. That was our mum. Also to my dad who has sacrificed his retirement to look after and nurse my mum. Through her illness our pride in him knows no bounds. That is true love in sickness and in health.

Bobby Paterson

Eulogy below as given by Rev. Dave Whiteman

Isa was born Isabella Murray in Girvan on 30th March 1932, the youngest of 7 children. She grew up and went to school in Girvan and after school she worked at Templeton’s. Young Isa met a young man at the dancing at Butlin’s camp called Bobby Paterson, and Bobby took Isa on their first date to the pictures. Love blossomed, they were married and it would have been 54 years married in March.


Bobby and Isa moved to Red Brae in Maybole, then Kirkland Street and in 1961 moved into their new home at Roderick Lawson Terrace. Isa worked at some of the bars around the town,  she worked at Turnberry, and Malin Court finishing her work at Carrick Lodge in Ayr. Isa had her first heart attack at the age of 39. She was one of the first people to have a by pass operation and she certainly was one of the longest surviving patients.


Family was the number one thing in Isa’s life; she was a homely person, she loved baking and cooking - her pancakes were just wonderful. Isa loved to sing in her younger days and she was a member of the church choir - she really was a lovely singer. Isa always liked to look nice, she was always so lovely turned out. Isa was very kind hearted, always there to help folk; she never turned anyone away from her door. She looked after her neighbour’s children, she nursed her sister Margaret and travelled faithfully to the hospital to visit  with Aunty Jeanie. Isa was just dedicated to her family.


Isa wasn’t really interested in the telly or going away on holidays - she was just happy with her family around her. Making her jam, cooking, baking or going to the shore for a picnic was the ideal day for Isa

Isa was really an inspirational person, she never complained. “How are you?” “Fine” was always the answer. She very interested in my children and always asked what they had been up to. She was a fighter, she inspired those around her, she cheered people up. If I had had a bad day, a visit to Isa always cheered me up.


She was great with people. People were naturally attracted to her and would talk to her, and she was so great with kids - kids flocked to her. She loved her home and her home was to be a home, the kids’ friends were always welcome,  she never turned anyone away. Isa was a fighter and she just kept going, she kept going because she was a woman of faith.  She had a quiet faith in God, but she also kept going because of her love for Bobby and her family  and that love is still alive in you all. Isa lived a selfless life, Isa was a woman of great dignity and she passed away as she lived her life - with great dignity