In Memory of James Maltman ( 1925 - 2007 )
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Sadly my old Dad (James) Jim Maltman died last week. He was 81 (1925 -2007). J&J Maltman Builders Maybole built a good deal of the early town and also did important work at Culzean and Blairquhan Catles. Sadly there is little yet on Maybole's great website to commemorate the Maltman Family. Perhaps we should remedy this. The J&J were my grandfather John and his father James. My father Jim and his brother Ian who died some years ago both ran the business following their father John. I would like to make an appeal to any who knew those Maltmen to add their recollections to the family history section of the website. My Dad had lived in London for 41 years and had continued to retirement in the building trade working for Falkus Builders in the City of London and Wandsworth Council. My mother Cleo died of Motor Neuron Disease in 2004 and my father nursed and cared for her for seven years. He was exhausted after this and kept very much to himself since then, although we visited him every week. His sister Mamie is still living (on the south coast) as is my other aunt, Ian's widow, Mabel who lives in Maybole. His cremation will be at Beckenham Crematorium on Friday June 1st at 3pm. His ashes will be scattered at his request with my mother's in Wiltshire where she worked as a Land Girl in the war. This led to connections with Scotland where she visited after the war and met my dad. Philip Maltman