Fishing Opportunities around Maybole by John Dunn
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Fishing Opportunities around Maybole from John Dunn, student at May-Tag studying ICT (20/03/01) When I go fishing, I like to go to the River Ayr or Loch Snipe, at Loch Snipe. It cost about 5 to 6 for a permit per day. You are only allowed two to three fish per person. It is fly fishing only. At the River Ayr it will cost about 2 to 3 for a permit per person per day you can take as many fish as you catch.

I like the river Ayr. It has different types of fish like Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon and most of all EELS. I hate them because if you catch an eel a fish will not take to that hook. You have to dispose it in the proper manner by putting it in a bag then a bin or take it home. There are three types of river fishing Fly, Spinning and pole.

I like fly fishing. It gives me a chance to use the flies I make at home. Sometimes I catch some with the flies I make. Some times I don't.Fishing is good for relaxing but when you catch a Salmon or Sea Trout the adrenalin kicks in and then you have a fight on your hands. It may last for 25 to 30 minutes to land a Salmon or Sea Trout.Sometimes I may catch Brown Trout or Rainbow Trout on the fly or bait such as live worms and maggots or spinning with a plug.Most of the time I like the peace and quiet of the country.