In Memory of Meryl Colquhoun Davidson
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Some of my fondest memories of Meryl began in the spring of 1960. I was visiting Maybole for the first time since my departure in the autumn of 1956. My brother George gave me explicit instructions before I left New York, to seek out Meryl Colquhoun and tell her that he would be visiting Maybole that summer and he wished to speak with her on a very serious matter. That serious matter culminated with their wedding, which took place in Anderson, Indiana on February 3, 1961.

I returned to New York and shortly thereafter George was inducted into the United States Army. He was transferred to Fort Dix, New Jersey for training and during that time Meryl lived in New York. We worked for the same firm in those days and became great friends and through the years that friendship never waned. The last time I spoke with Meryl was in the beginning of January 2012, just before I left on a trip to Australia, which is also where I was a year ago when George died.

When the death of such a warm and close friend descends upon us, it is natural to seek solace and meaning in some of the events which make up their life. Merylís son Darren related a story to me the other day on the telephone, which Iíd like to think was a story of going home. Not many months before Meryl died (January 26, 2012) her sister Doreen celebrated her seventieth birthday at Maybole Town Hall. Meryl had been feeling poorly but with the doctorís assistance and the support of her children and grandchildren the entire family attended the party in Maybole. From all accounts it turned out to be a glorious birthday for Doreen and a stunning evening for all of the family and friends. George had been ill for a good number of years and it had been quite some time since he and Meryl had visited Maybole. Maybole was their hometown; itís where they first met and fell in love, and Iíd like to think that divine intervention granted Meryl that time to say a last farewell.

There were many components to Meryl Colquhoun Davidson, and no doubt everyone will have their own memories and recollections. For meóIíll remember her smile, her kindness, her caring and the laughter we shared throughout those many years.  We have all struggled valiantly over the past year since George passed away, but none more so than Meryl and if there is any consolation, it is that she and George are no longer apart.

William Davison 04/06/12

Webmaster note:

Meryl's husband, George Davidson contributed several excellent articles on his remembrances of  Maybole to this website.
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