Mrs Isabella Mullin
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The photos on this page were contributed by Roger Mullin. Roger's mother Mrs Isabella Mullin was a guide at Culzean for 20 years up until her death in 1993. Her youngest grandchild Mhairi Mullin (below) is holding a red box, with the Seal of the President of the United States, which was a gift from the Eisenhower family to Mrs Mullin. When General John Eisenhower, son of the late President Eisenhower, presented it to Mrs Mullin, he said it had been his father's and used by him to hold his golf balls!! It was a personal gift in appreciation of Mrs Mullin's friendship over a number of years. The photo of Mrs Mullin in the castle (at right) is from the late 80s/early 90s. The photo of the staff at Culzean is from the same period.

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Mrs. Isabella Mullin as a guide at Culzean Castle

Mhairi Mullin

Red Box/Seal of the President of the United States

Staff at Culzean Castle circa. 1990.

Roger Mullin was born and raised in Maybole and is now living in Kirkcaldy.  His  mother (nee Meighan) was born and lived all her life in Maybole, and  for  20 years was a guide at Culzean Castle. Roger has a brother Jim and Sister Margaret both living in Canada. For many years Mrs. Mullin and her husband ran a bakery business adjoining the Town  Hall. The business in now long gone, but many will remember it.