Sunday School at Greenside - late 40's
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Can you help? We'd like to know all names of  members in this photo of a local Sunday school known as the Gospel Hall, Society Street School, pictured here at the Greenside in the late 40s. Photo contributed by David Hunter.

Back row
?, ?, Andrew McCartney, James Clark, Jean Kinnaird, ?,Violet Wotherspoon, Margaret Wotherspoon, Jean McBirnie, Robert Cron, John McEwan, Sandy Hunter
2nd back row
Mary McCartney, Jean McEwan, Alex McBirnie, Dick Gibson, Ann McCartney, June Robb, Moira Girvan, Andrew McKinstray, Annie Dunn, Ann McEwan, Stan Boden, ?, Janey Paul, Ann Robb
2nd Front row
Jessie Cron, Mrs Telfer, Miss M Ramsay, ?, Mary McKinstray, ?, John Cron, ?, ?, Annie Harris, Billy McKinstray, Jeanette Robertson
Front row
M Lawrie, Helen Cron, Annie McKinstray, Jean McQuade, ?, Noreen Cron, John McBirnie, Betty McCartney, ?, Jim Ruddocks, Alex McCartney, Marleen McQuade

These names were contributed by Mary and Betty McCartney, both in the photo and now Mary McLintock and Betty McCaffery.  Thanks to Tudor Jones for identifing the Wotherspoon girls (see message below).

I have books passed down for generations that are stamped and dedicated from this organization. My gt grandfather's books from Gospel Hall are in beautiful condition.  It is easy to see that after 100 years they were cherished and treasured in the family, travelling from Scotland to their new home in Canada, and through the generations.  My gt grandfather received 4 book prizes from Gospel Hall, Society Street in Maybole:

  • 1901 , 2nd prize, "Life Story of Robert Moffat, The Gardener’s Boy", John McCormick’s Class,

  • 1902 , 1st prize, "Splendid Life Series – Story of Albert the Good Prince Consort", by W. J. Wirtle, Miss  Fieldings Class,

  • 1903 , 1st prize, "Greenlands Icy Mountains" , Miss Fieldings Class,

  • 1904 ,1st prize "Splendid Life Series – Abraham Lincoln", by W. G. Rutherford, Samuel  Orams Class.

I love the Maybole site and check in regularly.  The site has truly helped me to gain a better understanding of my family that lived there, of the people themselves and their daily lives.   It has helped me to find my Harry Colquhoun, a branch in the tree, that I otherwise might never have found and I am grateful.  You have done a wonderful job with the site. 

Faith Lowe
April 2009

Searching the Culzean Castle web site, I saw the link to My dear wife Margaret was born and raised in Cairnfield Avenue, Maybole. I first saw the light of day in Carmarthen, Wales.  Crossing over to the Maybole site, in the Photo Gallery,  page 13, I found a picture of a group of young children  taken at 'Greenside' in the late 1940s. Most of the  kids were identified, but some were not. Two girls in the back row were thought to be 'the Wotherspoon sisters who 'used to live in Cairnfield Avenue.'  I printed the picture and showed it to Margaret, generating a lot of excitement in the process. We wondered about the two sisters.  It was a couple of days later that we came to the conclusion  that the sister on the right was Margaret herself, and the other her sister Violet.  Later that week, my brother-in-law John arrived here for a visit and he confirmed our suspicions.  ... We showed the picture to Violet, and got the final vote. No question about it. The two girls, both wearing ribbons in their hair, are Violet (6th from the end) and Margaret (7th  from the end) Wotherspoon.  Violet married Billy Barr back in 1961. They have two  children and have lived in Cumnock since then. Margaret and I met in Toronto, married in 1958, lived in  various locations in Northern Ontario for 5 years, then moved to Ottawa where we have been ever since. We have four children and seven grand-children. is one of the best sites that I have come across on the World Wide Web. Many congratulations on its inception and its maintenance. You are doing a great job.  Tudor Jones. (January 2003)

Hello my name is Annie Richardson, nee McKinstray. My grandfather and great-grandfather ,Thomas and Robert McKinstray are featured on your site. The Sunday school picture was of the gospel hall, society street school children. I recognize a lot of the faces but unfortunately cannot recall many of the names although I will ask my father ,David, at the first instance for help with this. At the moment I can tell you that front row, 3rd from the left, is myself, the wee lassie with the hat in the second row is my sister Mary. Back row,5th from the left-Jean Kinnaird, whose father had the shop at the top of the Welltrees. The man in the middle is my uncle Andrew and uncle Bill (William) is the second row ,with beside him ,I think, Annie Harris. I am not sure but I believe the girls next to Jean Kinnaird are the Wotherspoon sisters who lived in Cairnfield ave. I will write again when I find out more. Yours truly, Annie Richardson