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Here is a photo found for sale on www.ebay.com in January 2001. Can you identify this 19th century international man of mystery? There's something special about this old man, staring straight into the camera. Can you imagine what he saw in his long lifetime? A wonderful photo of a rather grizzled looking old gent wearing a fur cap. He's also a bit of a fashion plate, with his checked cape and trousers and a polka-dotted vest. He's wearing an extremely elaborate watch chain and fob, with what looks like a locket attached to one end. The handle of his cane is visible resting under one arm. Photographer is "J. Henderson" of Maybole and Patna (Scotland).

I can ID this man. He is my husband's GG Grandfather. By modern standards his attire may seem unusual. But he was a very distinguished and benevolent man in his time. His name is John James Harper Born 18 Aug1810. Died 24 Aug 1898. He was known as Furmiston to his friends. Lived Carpshairn Scotland on Furmiston farm. If you go to Carpshairn.org you will find a lot of information including his Australian Family Story written by great grandson Paul Brown. Check out the Furmiston Jubilee Celebration on this site. It is great to see this history being preserved. There is a very large family of descendents in Australia. His son James and wife Jane nee Carson emigrated to Australia in 1869 finally residing in Westwood Qld. We all have at least one old photo with no name. We have solved this one.

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