Kirkmichael Citizens from Years Gone By
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These pictures are courtesy of Andrew  Proudfoot formerly of Kirkmichael now in Selkirk. Sent to us by Bill McCubbin.

Tom Proudfoot. Click here and on the other images to view them full size.

The policeman pictured is Tom Proudfoot who was the law in the village and  surrounding area for many years. Those were the days of the village bobby!  Tom retired in 1953 and lived into his eighties. The picture is dated 1930.  His two sons Tom and Andrew both became teachers ( Tom was rector at both  Carrick Academy and Girvan Academy) while Andrew has spent a large part of  his career in the Borders. 

The picture with the initials KDC to the right was  Kirkmichael Drama Club! This was a play entitled "The Salmon Poachers" and  was taken in the McCosh Hall in 1950. The one holding the salmon is Andrew  Proudfoot! The lady holding the baby is Ena Gunning (nee Carey).

Kirkmichael Drama Club. Click here and on the other images to view them full size.

Left is a picture from the early 50s of a group about to go on a bus tour from the village. In the back row L to R ?, Nettie McGuire, Mrs Ferguson, Andrew Ferguson, Nancy Kelly, Charles White (Headmaster Of the local village school). Front row: Mrs Proudfoot, Mrs White, Tom Proudfoot. (Names contributed by Herbert Kay).

On the right is another photo from the 50s of Kirkmichael citizens. The names are as follows:- From the back two forward: Rev. G.A Johnston, Tom Proudfoot,  J.Cook, Johnny Muir, Abe Kennedy, Miss Hyslop, Cathie Gebbie, C. White, Mr Murdoch,  May Kennedy, ?, Mrs McCreath, Mrs Cook, Mrs Auld, Mrs Proudfoot, Mrs Muir, Mrs Murdoch, Mrs White, Mrs Johnston.

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Tom Proudfoot - Policeman

Group on bus tour

Kirkmichael Drama Club

 Kirkmichael citizens

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