Kirkmichael School about 1911
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Contributed by Nancy Oliver and Helen Smith with the assistance of Herbert Kay. Fancy days when children went to school bare footed! John Muir, who is in the photo, and his wife who never had any children, adopted me so I am delighted that the photo emerged. Herbert Kay. Larger images - 1024*668 and 2048*1335

Back Row. L to R: Randle Milne, George Milne,  John Tweddle, D.McGawn, P Findlay, D Sturgeon, R Caldwell, W McCreath, James Campbell.

2nd Row L to R:  Jean Dale, Lizzie Campbell, Peggie Wright, Agnes Eccles,  Jessie Caldwell, Tom Caldwell, Mary Caldwelll, Flora Campbell, Nellie Fitzsimmons.

3rd Row L to R: Mary Eccles, Lillie Wright, Jean Eccles, Nan Dale, Jean Muir, Jean McGawn,, John, Alex, & Jim Fitzsimmons, Lily Milne.

Front Row, L to R: John Campbell, Jimmy Dale, Tom McGawn, Bob Campbell, John McGawn, Willie Muir, John Muir, Sandy & Joe Tweddle.   Teacher. Miss Ross.

When researching my family tree I came across the photo above of Kirkmichael Primary school and to my surprise my Father Randle also Uncle George and Aunt Lily are it. My Grandfather James Milne was butler at Cloncaird Castle. His wife was Janet. They had three other children on the 1911 census. Chrissie aged 14, William 13 and Jessie 4. Randle and Lily were born at Moniaive and Jessie at Kirkmichael. I would be delighted to hear from anyone with more information or photographs, or who could put me in touch with anyone likely to know anything about the Milne family. Thanking you in anticipation, Alistair Milne. alistair.milne @

I use the Kirkmichael and Maybole sites a lot as my Mother was born and brought up in Kirkmichael and I had an aunt who lived in Maybole and I went there for my holidays many moons ago. In the school photo on the second row we have Jessie Caldwell, Tom Caldwell and Mary Caldwell who is my aunt Mary Caldwell. She was born in Kirkmichael in 1899 so would be about 11 in the photo. She was Dux of Kirkmichael School and went on to, [I think] be Dux of Carrick Academy. My Grand Father Andrew Caldwell had the Joinerys business in Kirkmichael. I have been doing my Family Tree and have used your sites a lot and have found them most helpful. With kind regards, Margaret [Green]

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