Oil Paintings by John Hutchison
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I have two oil paintings by John Hutchison, an artist who lived in a cottage near Monkwood at Minishant. These were painted probably around 1870 to 1890, and one is of Culzean Bay, with the Castle and Ailsa Craig. The other is of Culroy, looking towards the blacksmith's shop. I believe Hutchison may have been an amateur painter, who painted the pictures for my great-grandparents, Robert and Henrietta Orr, farmers in Monkwood Mains.   Hugh Douglas (died March 26, 2003).      (click on the photos below for larger images)

Culroy - by John Hutchison Culzean Bay- by John Hutchison
Culroy-by-John-Hutchinson-c1870.jpg (36430 bytes) Culzean-Bay-by-John-Hutchinson-c1870.jpg (32850 bytes)