Adult Basic Education Services
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OK. So you can't read the headline.

How would you feel if the whole web page looked like this to you? How would you feel if every newspaper, every item in a shop, every form in your life was equally mysterious?

You'd feel like some of our clients do; and it's not pleasant. You'd feel like someone who can't read.

As it is, you're luckier than them, because you can read this article. This means that you're exactly the kind of person we are looking for in Maybole right now. Honestly, you really can help people who find difficulty in reading, or writing or in making simple calculations. Just think what a difference you could make to their lives by spending as little as an hour helping them to make sense of the written word. You could change their lives for the better in many real and practical ways.

Will you help? The local Adult Basic Education service is linking up with May-Tag and Maybole Community Development Group to help ordinary people get on their lives. We want a pool of local volunteer tutors to give a little of their time. Maybe you could scribe for a trainee doing an assessment in horticulture. Perhaps you could help someone get their spelling right when they send an email. Or you could lend a hand with a form they find difficult to fill in.

If you'd like to help at May-Tag, at the Community Development Group, or work one-to-one to build confidence with a client, don't just sit there gazing at your screen! Phone Linda Muir on 01655 882105 or contact by email at: and we'll arrange to meet you for a chat about being a volunteer.

Like the headline says, 'We're looking for Volunteers. Have you some time to spare?'

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